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Planet SEO, Great Resource to Web Developers | Evan Fosmark

Planet SEO, Great Resource to Web Developers

A friend of mine recently embarked on creating a new website centered around search engine optimization known as Planet SEO (www.planet-seo.org). I really have to hand it to him. He’s made quite a site. He managed to write up the code to run the site in a very short amount of time and kept to a schedule very well. (That’s something I have a problem with.)

The site’s service is simple and incredibly useful: it reads multiple feeds from websites that all deal with search engine optimization (SEO) and provides all of them at once. Combine the fact that Planet SEO already has a fair number of website feeds that it reads from, it makes sense for it to be the first spot to look at regarding SEO news & techniques.

This seems to be a great resource for those of us who aren’t skilled in SEO. I’m really hoping that it’ll help me expand my knowledge enough to where evanfosmark.com gets higher traffic from search engines.



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